Membership Levels

Associate Member (ARA)

Eligibility for joining us as Associate member

Applicants wish to join ICRA as Associate member should meet at least ONE of the criteria

  1. Holding a bachelor degree in the field of accounting, finance, business, economics, law and similar specialty as approved by the Institute on case-by-case basis

  2. More than 3 years verified experience in accounting, finance, risk management, financial services, or equivalent

  3. Being a full member of approved professional bodies as recognized by the Institute (View list of Recognized Professional Bodies)

  4. Partly qualified or studying towards a professional qualification as approved by the Institute (admissions and exemptions applied need to be evaluated by the Institute on a case-by-case basis)

Download application form for Associate Member (PDF).

Being an ARA, you are entitled to most of the benefits of membership. You will belong to a global network of ICRA members, and enjoy special rates on products and services, discounts on networking and CPD events, and access to the industrial and professional updates from our newsletter and web-based resources.

Provisional Member (PRA)

Full members or those studying towards membership of recognized professional bodies, can apply to be Provisional Members.

This category of members need to fulfill certain criteria like relevant work experience and successful completion of the CRA Program (exemption rules apply) to hold the “CRA” qualification.

Please click here to download the appliation form.

Provisional members can call themselves "Provisional Risk Auditors(PRA)".


To be eligible to apply for membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, you will have either:

  1. successfully completed the CRA program

  2. comply with relevant work experience

  3. comply with the ICRA’s ethical standards


Highly-experienced CRAs can become a Fellow of CRA (FCRA). To become an FCPA, you must be a CRA with at least 5 years full-time risk related work in accounting, finance or business.

International affiliate

The ICRA welcomes all risk professionals and those willing to start or shift their career in risk management. The International Affiliate membership has the benefits of free risk news updates and web-based resources from the Institute, discount on risk training and networking events. To obtain full membership of the ICRA, the International Affiliate is required to complete the CRA Program and satisfy practical experience requirements applicable for membership.

Please click here for expression of interest.

From year 2012, one-off annual subscription waiver for newly approved International Affiliates (waiving of 1st year annual subscription fee, Application fee still apples)